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Packing & Warehousing

We are involved in custom crating and packaging of your cargo. Our packing professionals can pick up and pack/crate on-site as needed. Short or long-term storage of your cargo and distribution anywhere throughout our network as required. At Bamak we can satisfy all your packaging and related needs. We do this by offering four general services that separately or together make up a turnkey solution for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
Starting with our in-house packing capabilities, we create, produce and ship custom packaging that meets your unique needs. We operate on shifts to accommodate our customers, and can provide fast turnaround, even on large volume projects.


Maximize safety by Reducing Risks


In today's challenging and competitive market, a good warehousing and distribution system is the key to success for any business. As an integrated supply chain management company, our superior warehousing service takes care of all your logistical needs efficiently ensuring minimum risk for maximum output. In a dynamic industry, it is important to minimize your investment risk and reduce operational costs. That's why our warehousing services provide integrated supply chain management solutions, to allow you to make the most of your business.

Caring For Your Business



At Bamak, it is our Motto to completely understand your business and logistics needs and care to them. Optimal packaging of a product is a critical factor in logistics. Without it, many logistics processes could not be performed at all or it might even cause lose of the logistics. The function of the packaging is not just to protect the product. It performs many other jobs as well. These include providing information about the contents as well as enabling and facilitating other logistics processes - including transport and handling as well as storage.This helps us in providing you with service solutions that will help grow your business. Our extensive network of dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations, enables you to fulfil your commitments and deliver your products safely. With modern packaging and warehousing techniques and an advanced distribution system, , so that you deliver to your customers in perfect time, every time.